Loudspeakers are the components that influence the sound of your system the most.

This page will introduce you to the many fine loudspeaker manufacturers we are proud to represent. Although speaker systems have a huge bearing on the final result of your system, it should never be forgotten that they must be matched to the electronic components compromising your system and indeed the acoustic environment they are to be used in for best results.

At Challenge Hi-Fi, we have extensive listening areas in neutral sounding environments to help you make an informed choice.


AMBIENCE Ribbon Speaker Systems Made in OZ!                 CABASSE speaker systems from the French specialist


CAMBRIDGE AUDIO      MINX ultracompact sub/sat Systems      SUBWOOFERS      YO-YO BLUETOOTH speakers             PC Speakers     TV SOUNDBAR    TV SOUNDBASES


CASTLE Transmission Line Speakers with Ribbon Tweeters      MORDAUNT SHORT Speakers Designed in England


KEF  World famous Speaker Systems    Q-Series    R-Series    SUBWOOFERS   LS-50W active BLUETOOTH speakers        LS-50 bookshelf   PC speakers    In-Wall & In-Ceiling speakers    T-Series Sub/Sat systems    E305 5.1 system            ATMOS speakers


PARADIGM  Canadian designed Speaker Systems    Prestige Series    SUBWOOFERS    In-Wall & In-Ceiling speakers    OUTDOOR Speakers


PMC Transmission line speakers designed & made in England    Twenty Series    Twenty5 Series    Wafer In-Wall


POLK AUDIO  Hi-Fidelity Speaker Systems    Signature Series    RTiA Series    LSiM Series     SUBWOOFERS                     TV & HOME THEATRE SOUNDBARS    In-Wall & In-Ceiling speakers    OUTDOOR speakers


QUAD Legendary Speakers!    Electrostatic    S-Series    Z-Series     PC speakers    REL Outstanding UK SUBWOOFERS


SONUS FABER Speaker Systems from Italy's finest    Venere Series    Olympica Series    Reference Tradition


TANNOY 5.1 Sub/Sat System    TAURIS Speaker STANDS    WHARFEDALE Jade Speaker Range


YAMAHA    Speaker Systems    SUBWOOFERS    OUTDOOR speakers    WIRELESS/BLUETOOTH Speakers                     TV & HOME THEATRE SOUNDBARS    In-Ceiling speakers     MusicCast Speakers

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Subwoofer Surprise!


  Minimum    25% discount     off selected Polk subs for a limited time  Buy a Polk subwoofer for as little as $369!

Personal shoppers only

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KEF E305 Sub/Sat Speaker System

Available in black & white
Don't pay $2,699 Pay Just $2,199!

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ls50 wireless speaker set home theater

 The new KEF Q Series is available for audition at our showrooms

These upgraded Q50 models now represent even better value than their excellent predecessors!

Hear them at CHALLENGE HI-FI 88 Prospect Road, Prospect

Q350 What Hi-Fi Award

Sonus Faber surround sound speaker system


Stunning new Sonus Faber Sonetto range. Designed & made in Italy! Sensational sound & superb cabinetry

All the qualities that made Sonus Faber a byword for class & refinement but not as expensive as you may think!

sonus faber logo pmc  logo vertical speakers from different angles

World famous PMC speaker systems with transmission line bass loading bring monitor quality to your listening room! Hear these English made speakers at Challenge

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Wharfedale Jade Series Now at Challenge Hi-Fi

You're in for a surprise!



Fabulous Wharfedale Jade 7 towers clearing at a huge discount!

The Jade 7 reaches way down into frequencies most speakers dare not touch, and with a clarity & presence few can match. Wharfedale's superb engineering and intense build quality has produced these well priced, reference-level speakers featuring two 8" woofers, one 6" mid/bass, one 3" midrange & a 1" dome tweeter.

RRP $6,500 pr - save $2,501!

ex-demo $3999!

French Cabasse Egea 3 floorstanders at a sensational clearance price - 1 pr only!

Impressive 3-way tower speakers using co-axial technology

Egea 3 offers the best of co-axial technology combined with twin 17cm woofers in an elegant cabinet combining technology & tradition, harnessing the emotional power of the SCS technology & giving a superb open & sweet sound. Whatever your musical passion, Egea 3 delivers!

Your chance to own these classy speakers at a silly price!

RRP $8,899 pr - save $4,900!

ex-demo $3999!

Paradigm S2 speakers offer audiophile quality at a stunning clearance price!

For the ultimate in music and home theater, there is no more sonically coherent choice than Paradigm Reference Signature … revealing everything the artist intended.

As with the finest speakers, they allow us to feel the music, hear the magic, and see through the mind’s eye, into the very heart of the performance.

Here is your chance to own a pair of the late lamented, made in Canada, S2 bookshelf model at a great price.

RRP $4,899 pr - save $1,900!

ex-demo $2999!

yamaha audio logo mahogany style sound system

NS-500 5.1 Speaker Pack in dark walnut shown above can be upgraded to Atmos 5.2.4 with the addition of 2 pairs of NS-IC800W in-ceiling speakers & an extra NS-SW500 subwoofer

total RRP $7193 (upgraded)

We can do one upgraded package only for just $4,999

10 year warranty on speakers, 4 years on subwoofers!

click here for 500 series info

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CASTLE AVON 5 Very Special Speakers!

Transmission Line Bass & Ribbon Tweeter !!!     True 3-way Design     All this for $4,999!

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Exciting new pricing on the superb

PRESTIGE speaker range!

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This quality range of speaker systems from the highly regarded Canadian designer, Paradigm, is now highly competitive in price

Check out the new Prestige pricing at our Prospect Road location!

yamaha audio logo speaker system

NS-P120 five speaker pack for surround sound at just $579!

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Includes YSPSW030 subwoofer below!

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large subwoofer



ambience speakers in space ambiance audio systems logo cambridge logo minx m5 speaker system

Minx M5 2.1 Computer Speakers

Amazing U.K designed speakers at a hot price! (ex-demo)

RRP$399 - Pay $299!