Loudspeakers are the components that influence the sound of your system the most.

This page will introduce you to the many fine loudspeaker manufacturers we are proud to represent. Although speaker systems have a huge bearing on the final result of your system, it should never be forgotten that they must be matched to the electronic components compromising your system and indeed the acoustic environment they are to be used in for best results.

At Challenge Hi-Fi, we have extensive listening areas in neutral sounding environments to help you make an informed choice.



KEF E305 Sub/Sat Speaker System

Available in black & white
Don't pay $2,699 Pay Just $2,199!

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Minx M5 2.1 Computer Speakers

Amazing U.K designed speakers at a hot price!

RRP$399 - Pay $299!

Cabasse Bora Award winning speaker system at a great price!

ex-demonstration current RRP$6,099

PAY JUST $3,499!

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NS-500 5.1 Speaker Pack in dark walnut shown above can be upgraded to Atmos 5.2.4 with the addition of 2 pairs of NS-IC800W in-ceiling speakers & an extra NS-SW500 subwoofer

total RRP $7193 (upgraded)

We can do one upgraded package only for just $4,999

10 year warranty on speakers, 4 years on subwoofers!

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CASTLE AVON 5 Very Special Speakers!

Transmission Line Bass & Ribbon Tweeter !!!     True 3-way Design     All this for $4,999!

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current version 7 RRP $699 pr A great pair of high performance bookshelf speakers at a $230 discount!

Pay Just


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NS-P120 five speaker pack for surround sound at just $579!

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Includes YSPSW030 subwoofer below!

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Wharfedale Jade Series Now at Challenge Hi-Fi

You're in for a surprise!