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Challenge Hi-Fi Stereo P/L has been established for over 40 years as a specialist hi-fi stereo dealer in Adelaide, South Australia.

With the growth in popularity of the Home Theatre format, our product range and expertise has dramatically extended to vision products such as DVD, BluRay, HD Digital TV Recorders, Hi-Def Overhead Projectors and LCD TV panels. However, stereo music making has always had a special place at Challenge and sales of solid state and valve amplifiers, CD players, turntables and high-tech speaker systems continue unabated.

We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of the products we sell and our attention to the needs of our customers.

This website is intended for use as a database to introduce you to the products we have selected to promote. Should you wish further advice or information, please do not hesitate to phone, fax or email us.


Challenge Hi-Fi Stereo Pty Ltd


Ashley Watson

It is with great sadness that we  acknowledge the passing of our friend and colleague. Ash started as a customer and later became a valuable member of our staff. He moved to Melbourne to further his career in audio and, although successful, the pull of his beloved South Australia bought him back to work part time with us while preparing to start his own audio business in Adelaide. Regretably, Ashley was struck down by a malignant cancer which he bore bravely and with dignity, but in the end, proved fatal. He passed away quietly on Monday 2nd November. He was just 38 years of age.

Besides his strong family and personal commitments, Ash was passionate about high quality audio and his South Australian heritage. I was often amazed at his local knowledge as he seemed to know everything about his beloved South Australia, whatever the subject!

We will miss his cheerful attitude and we will remember him often

Steve Cotton, Director, Challenge Hi-Fi.

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