This page contains links to many interesting accessory products such as headphones by famous manufacturers, A.K.G, Denon and Sennheiser as well as newcomers, Fostex, V-moda and Yamaha.

We carry a large range of Audio/Video furniture as well as speaker stands.

Our comprehensive range of audio and video interconnects as well as speaker cables is covered by the links to Nordost, Chord, QED and Van Den Hul.

General accessory supplier, Avico is very useful for sourcing many accessory items and Challenge Hi-Fi carry a selection of their products relating to audio and video applications. However, please note that we do not carry every item listed in their very extensive catalogue.

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Ashley Watson

It is with great sadness that we  acknowledge the passing of our friend and colleague. Ash started as a customer and later became a valuable member of our staff. He moved to Melbourne to further his career in audio and, although successful, the pull of his beloved South Australia bought him back to work part time with us while preparing to start his own audio business in Adelaide. Regretably, Ashley was struck down by a malignant cancer which he bore bravely and with dignity, but in the end, proved fatal. He passed away quietly on Monday 2nd November. He was just 38 years of age.

Besides his strong family and personal commitments, Ash was passionate about high quality audio and his South Australian heritage. I was often amazed at his local knowledge as he seemed to know everything about his beloved South Australia, whatever the subject!

We will miss his cheerful attitude and we will remember him often

Steve Cotton, Director, Challenge Hi-Fi.

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